The Halloween Sugar Bug Legend

Every October the Sugar Bug Monster reaches a new level of excitement knowing that Halloween is around the corner. Children near and far will be gearing up for an evening of knocking on doors and filling up their buckets and pillowcases full of sweets.

Although the little ghosts and goblins running around the neighborhood block on Halloween will be filled to the brim with candy and happiness, shortly thereafter their parents may find them crying out from tooth aches. f3acbf4e-3f65-46ea-8bde-dec2b404c1a3The Sugar Bug makes it’s way from all of the Halloween treats, climbs into children’s teeth and buries itself deep inside the tooth, soon resulting in a cavity. Then mom and dad have to spend a day in the dentist office as the dreaded cavity is being filled!

Even though the Sugar Bug Monster seems scary, there’s a way to ward him off! On Halloween, make sure to limit your candy intake and be sure the family is brushing their teeth properly – both morning and night. On average, a person should spend 2 minutes brushing their teeth twice a day. Doing so will keep your child’s dental hygiene up to par – and no dreaded cavities should arise!

d89fdc48-0ac7-4a10-be1c-9767ff3b8608To encourage your kids to brush their teeth, make it fun! Things like a fun toothbrush and cartoon character toothpaste are sure to do the trick! Even though we aren’t a dentist office, we believe in good dental hygiene and that all good things can be enjoyed in moderation!