School’s Out And So Are Wisdom Teeth: A High Schooler’s Survival Guide

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-31-03-am‘Tis the season for winter break, hanging out with friends and being homework free! While most high schoolers, or even middle schoolers, look forward to winter break, some students spend their winter break loading up on mashed potatoes and holding ice packs to their faces after getting wisdom teeth removed. Here at Chapin Oral Surgery, we’ve all been through the surgery and are here to offer a little advice for the holidays to make pre and post surgery the best it can be. Don’t worry, you’ll be back at school without those puffy cheeks in no time!


– Rest Up: Get plenty of rest and stay on a strict sleeping schedule so your body isn’t used to staying up late at night. You’ll want to rest as much as possible after surgery.
– No eating or drinking 6 hours beforehand: That’s right, you’ll have to come in before surgery without anything (food or beverages) in your stomach. Make sure mom makes your favorite food the night before!
– Pick your playlist: Some patients can be nervous before surgery, which is understandable. Bring in your headphones and plug up to your favorite playlist to help keep you calm the morning of your surgery!


– Follow directions: We know you’re not in school, but following hygiene and after-surgery care instructions are very important!
– Soft foods only: Nows your time to load up on the mashed potatoes and milkshakes! You’ll want to stay on soft foods for at least a week after surgery to prevent any irritations.
– Ice Ice, Baby: Ice packs will be your friend – even though Snapchat has a chubby cheek filter, you’ll get rid of swelling (if you have any) by keeping the ice packs close!

If you’re dentist has advised you on getting your wisdom teeth out, call our office today to check availability for your winter break wisdom teeth removal surgery!